Sunday, August 29, 2010

Purple jihad: Gay Muslims for Peace and the destruction of Israel

A friend forwarded this, with no further information. Its got to be a joke, right?
Can anyone give me more information about where this was taken, and when (and by who?)

OMG. What is wrong with this picture. Or perhaps the better question is "Is anything right with this picture?". I'm just speechless. And if you know me, you know how hard that is.


  1. Gay Muslims seek asylum in Israel. If this image is genuine then the idiot holding the sign is saying to his Muslim brothers (sisters?) that he wants to be killed. Islam has no tolerance for gays but sex with goats and pre pubescent girls is okay.

    The religion of peace (or should I say piece) is not.

  2. It's a photoshop. Look at the difference in the different whites on the poster. The outside is an off-white, and the inside is a bright white. Also look at the pixelation around the words.

  3. no comment.. . fatima u muslim?

  4. That wasn't a nice response. I'm sorry. I'm resistant by nature to labels and labeling and to categorizing people into nice neat pigeon holes.

  5. This is a fake. The following post contains what seems to be the real version:

    1. That link is not working anymore...