Saturday, September 11, 2010

BDS isn't about peace

BDS isn't about peace. I realized that when my school disintegrated into racism and chaos during our brief stint with divestment. I'm not the only one who has come to this conclusion.

Next You Will Be Telling Us Shergar is Dead

"Ella from It’s Complicated reproduces a statement from PACBI, or the Palestinian Campaign for Judenrein Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. (I will not link to their webpage, if only to impress on them the unacceptable nature of their using Zionist-developed PhP.)

“While we welcome acts of protest against any manifestation of Israel’s regime of colonialism and apartheid, we believe that these acts must be both morally consistent and anchored in international law and universal human rights. First, we believe that the exclusive focus on settlement institutions ignores and obscures the complicity of all Israeli academic and cultural institutions in upholding the system of colonial control and apartheid under which Palestinians suffer. PACBI believes there is firm evidence of the collusion of the Israeli academic and cultural establishment with the major oppressive organs of the Israeli state. Focusing solely on obviously complicit institutions, such as cultural centers in a West Bank colony, serves to shield mainstream Israeli institutions from opprobrium or, ultimately, from the growing global boycott movement that consistently targets all complicit institutions.”

Shurely shome mishtake? Surely PACBI is not a bunch of political psychopaths who exist only to punish and ostracise one nation group above all others? Whilst using Zionist-developed PhP."

Apparently- its not enough to boycott "settlements". Its all of Israel that needs to be boycotted, according to the PACBI. A statement by American artists refusing to play in Ariel, on the other side of that mythical green line just doesn't go far enough.

Will someone explain just how this promotes peace?

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