Friday, January 29, 2010

77% of women in the Gaza Strip are subject to violence

According to a recent study by the Center for Information and Media Study of Palestinian Women
77% of women in the Gaza Strip are subjected to violence

أعد مركز معلومات وإعلام المرأة الفلسطينية دراسة عن أوضاع النساء في قطاع غزة رصد من خلالها الانتهاكات التي تتعرض لها المرأة الفلسطينية والتي تتنافى مع الاتفاقيات الدولية الداعية إلى احترام كرامة النساء والقضاء على كافة أشكال العنف والتمييز ضدهن, وقد اعتمدت الدراسة على المجموعات البؤرية حيث تم تنفيذ 24 ورشة عمل لمجموعات بؤرية من النساء كما تمت مقابلة 350 امرأة من مختلف محافظات قطاع غزة وقد أجريت هذه المقابلات في الربع الأخير من عام2009

The study relied on focus groups where the implementation of the 24 a workshop to focus groups of women were also interviewed 350 women from different governorates of the Gaza Strip have been conducted these interviews in the last quarter of 2009

In Gaza: 67% of women are subject to verbal violence 71% to psychological violence 52% to physical violence 15% to sexual violence 45% to more than one form of violence If you combine the victims of physical and sexual violence, we see that half of Gaza women are physically abused or sexually assaulted. This must stop!

You cannot blame Israel for this- this is an issue with the oppressive, patriachial Hamas regime, and yes, with a corruption by the ruling elite of the original message of Islam.

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  1. "You can't blame Israel"
    so why to care, let them suffer more till Israel could be blamed, then we expose it to the world!
    Same goes to the women of Iran, Afganistan, Pakistan, etc'...
    It is not true that "Any where there are Muslims there is terror" but very interestingly, any where there is terror, there are Muslims!