Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hate Comes to San francisco

San Francisco hosted Hate group "Westboro Baptist church" on Friday, January 29, 2010, and I am embarrassed to say, they were unchallenged. I suppose some of the community felt ignoring them would make them go away- it didn't work in this case.

Generally this group focuses its hate on queers- interestingly enough, here in San Francisco, birthplace of gay rights, they changed their focus to good old fashioned Jew hatred.


  1. Why didn't anyone challenge this? Where were the counter-protesters?

  2. There were many counter-protests throughout the Bay area
    From the Merc:

    "When the Westboro group returned to its rented minivan after the Stanford protest, it found that three of the vehicle's tires had been slashed, said Lisa Lapin, the university's director of communications."

    :- )

    (No. I was not involved in this, but thank you for asking. )

  3. I am happy to state that these pukes will not be coming to SE KY anytime soon.Last time they did was to protest a funneral of a soldier killed in a motorcycle accident.At the funneral were local police and the Patriot Guard.These pukes were insulting the police,so the cops left.The PG went in and started beating them,along with a number of locals.I don't think they will be coming here in the future.