Saturday, May 1, 2010

Anti-Semitism is hate rally, UC Berkeley April 30, 2010

A rash of swastikas recently appeared on campus. Its debatable if they have anything to do with the divestment nonsense thats going on , on campus. But they are a potent symbol of hate, and a multi-cultural group of students and community members decided to mobilize.

It was a low key event, until a Professor, later identified as Andrew Gutierrez began screaming at the gathering. I don't know how anyone could be opposed to an anti-hate rally, but Prof. Gutierrez made quite a spectacle of himself, until a campus policewomen lead him away. His bizarre reaction shows just how overly sensitive and fragmented our campus has become in the wake of the recent divestment fiasco.

Apparently Prof. Gutierrez has a long history of harrassing students on campus. Thanks, "S" for this photo.



    Prof. Gutierrz on you tube.

  2. Thank you so much for writing this blog. I was at the demonstration and was shocked at the behavior of Mr.Gutierrez. I do not remember the last time I was as mad as when I yelled at him to let Ron Hendel speak. How can one person be so filled with hate and ignorance?

    Overall, I think the demonstration was a great success.

  3. Apparently Prof. Andy Gutierrez is married to one of the vultures that stands every Friday at Telegraph and Bancroft

    I love this descreiption of them:

    The only thing more Berkeley than having an inflammatory opinion is gathering together a cadre of similarly-minded people and staging an unimpressive display to annoy passers-by. Cue the Women in Black, a group of incensed nonagenarians standing together to protest the bloodthirsty, imperialist Israeli occupation of the land of Palestine. To paraphrase their flier, for nearly 20 years they’ve been blocking foot traffic, mouthing off, and toting decorative umbrellas each Friday in front of Sproul Plaza.

    Read more here:

  4. Fatima,

    Thank you for sending me the link and the photos, which I have posted on fousesquawk. I have also linked your blog to mine. Keep up the good work up there and don't let small people like Gutierrez get you down. No matter where one stands on the Israel-Palestinian issue, it is no excuse for this world-wide resurgence in anti-Semitism. The focal point are our universities. Gutierrez's behavior is shocking, but nothing new.

    Gary Fouse (fousesquawk)
    adjunct teacher

  5. Count me in with your protest against hate!

  6. Thank you all!

    "Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man's sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true. "
    Martin Luther King Jr.