Monday, June 27, 2011

Reading Break

Something people might be interested in; I'm reading The Shia Revival by Vali Nasr. I'll be able to say more when I'm done, maybe I'll do a real review, but I'm still in the first chapters, where he talks mostly about early history.

I'm kind of embarrassed to say how much I'm learning. I know next to nothing about the history of Islam in India, for example. And he writes a lot about Shia women and shrines women visit specially. The kind of thing I'd be interested in, you know?

Anyway, that's what I'm reading on the bus to work. I have noticed that people give me a weird little look when they see the cover. I don't think the title would even mean anything to most people, so maybe it's the men in turbans in the cover photo? Damn, people.

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