Monday, January 2, 2012

Convening the network. What next BDS?

The local "Palestinian solidarity" (anti-Israel groups) periodically meet to "build solidarity" (pat each other on the back) and to engage in strategic planning. Its a fascinating thing to observe, because where else would you find groups that should be at odds with each other (Hello? American Muslims for Palestine and Queers United Against Israeli terror) united by their solidarity with the Palestinian people (and their hatred for the Jewish state)

The theme of the most recent meeting was "Yeah we rule, but can we ratchet it up a bit? (Noura, habiti, we all love you, you know that, but we all don't agree with your politics. Some of us come simply to observe- and see this as an interesting sociological experiment)

BDS apparently is going terrific, thank you for asking. 2011 was the year of the flash mob, after all. "Look at all the great flash mobs we made. Look how efficiently we spammed them across social media. Look how many hits we got."

But it was hard to ignore the elephant in the room- there hasn't been one real BDS success locally, and this is the bay area, the most progressive community in the country. Except of course for Seattle, but they had Rachel Corrie to inspire them, and no one seems willing to fill her shoes.

The consumer product boycotts are met with buycotts (and oh, yes, those Zionists (Jews) can sure spend money. As a result , actions are planned quietly, and implemented without fanfare, and only promoted when they are over. But what good is a publicity stunt if you need to shy away from publicity? And after all, the very fact that the Zionists(Jews) fight back shows how threatened they feel by our strategy.

So whats on for 2012? Teach ins. More conferences. Promoting Palestinian culture. (You see, we ARE a real people) More lectures. (Omar Bargoutti makes HOW MUCH per appearance??????) Look for more vandalism of Israeli products. Look for more attempts to find parallels with the Occupy movement. And look for bay area public transit to be the current object du hate.

Let the good times roll.

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