Thursday, March 15, 2012

You Break it. You bought it. A suicide in Morocco

Amina al-Filali, 16, drank rat poison last week in Larache, Morocco after being forced to marry the man who raped her.

The rapist of this young girl had sought to escape prison by invoking an article of the penal code that authorizes the rapist to marry his victim to escape prosecution. 300 protesters staged a sit-in outside the local court that had approved the marriage, a demonstration organized by Morocco's Democratic League for Women's Rights.

Bassima Hakkaoui, Minister for Women and Families and the only woman in the cabinet, called for a debate to reform the law, in comments to state television channel 2M.
Her predecessor in the post Nouzha Skalli also declared herself shocked by the affair and called for the law to be changed.

On Wednesday the League's president Fouzia Assouli condemned the law, saying that while it ostensibly defended family values it did not uphold the rights of women.

"The law treats the raped minor like a criminal even if she was the victim of violence," Skalli "We have to reform the criminal code to adapt to the new constitution, which forbids violence against women and ensures the equality of the sexes."

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