Saturday, July 14, 2012

Palestine needs Women who dream

Do you know what Hamas fears? Do you know what the International Solidarity Movement fears? Do you know what those that teach hate and preach hate fear most of all?

They fear normalcy.

They fear children growing up with a bright future

They fear little girls dancing.

The Jerusalem Post writes "Despite difficulties to overcome male-dominated culture and chauvinism, increasing number of Palestinian women starting businesses. "

RAMALLAH - From corner fruit stalls in Hebron to chic Ramallah ballet studios, Palestinian women are making their mark in business, some out of necessity and others looking to break the gender mold and pursue a dream.

For Shyrine Ziadeh, a 24-year-old Birzeit University graduate, that dream was to open a dance studio.

Now the proud owner of the Ramallah Ballet Center, the first in the West Bank, her sunny, top-floor studio is flooded with classical music and mirrors stretching from wall to wall. Little girls pliƩ in pink ballet shoes and jump over fairy wings.

"I want to develop girls," she said. "Ballet helps develop their point of view in life. We need such things in Palestine."

This works in many ways. We need strong women leaders. We need them as examples and as role models. We need women to be educated and to have the inner strength to follow their dreams- even if that dream means saying no to marriage at 18 to a second cousin.

We need women who dream.

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