Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ANSWER Rally in San Francisco last week

I went to the ANSWER rally in San Francisco last Saturday and was dismayed to see so many people holding pro-Hamas signs. Don't they know that Hamas is enforcing Sharia law in Gaza? Women are under pressure to cover up so as to be "modest." To be out as a lesbian in Gaza is to be a dead woman. Yet progressive activists, who I am sure must support feminism and LGTB rights, support Hamas! There is a huge disconnect here. I am really frustrated by the LGBT group called QUIT: they also support regimes that kill and torture lesbians and gay men.

We Arab/Muslim lesbians must talk to QUIT members and find out why they support the supporters of Sharia law.


  1. To be out as a lesbian in Gaza is to be a dead woman.

    Not necessarily. More likely they'd just force you to marry your second cousin or your fathers business partner. If you refused, then you're a dead woman

  2. Someday you'll need to do a blog post about QUIT. They are some of the most misguided people I've ever met.

    Queers for Palestine is like deer for the NRA.