Monday, March 8, 2010

Intifada in Berkeley

UC Berkeley's Hatem Bazian once infamously called for an Intifada in America. This year, Students for Justice in Palestine has taken up the battle cry, plastering Intifada stickers throughout the campus in honor of "Israel Apartheid Week".

As an Arab Woman, I find it deeply deeply offensive that the image of a subjugated, veiled woman is juxtaposed alongside that of a "resistance" fighter, as if the two were somehow morally equivalent.

Perhaps it is time for an Intifada- a moral intifada, not only in America, but throughout the world. Its time for Muslim women, Arab women, all oppressed women to cast away the veils, the nijabs, the burquas, the symbols of male dominance over our lives.

Someday, maybe I'll organize a good old fashioned veil burning. Maybe you'll join me.


  1. Did you hear anything about a Palestinian student assaulting a Jewish girl this year at UC Berkeley?
    Is it true?

  2. Yawn. Husam Zakharia rammed a Jewish girl from behind with a shopping cart. One of a series of petty encounters between the Zionist group on campus, and the anti-Zionist group.

    We had hoped things would calm down on campus after the lead instigator Yaman Salahi (don't get me started) graduated. Clearly we were wrong.