Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Culture-Jamming "Tweepstrike" on Twitter

Now this is funny.

The International Solidarity Movement sent out an email, asking people to tweet about Palestinian prisoners hunger strike. They just couldn't bear that Gilad Shalit was getting all the attention.

Several zionist sites recommended active participation in an equal and opposite direction. Apparently several people decided to play along, and as of this afternoon, they succeeded in cuture-jamming the tweet.

Yes, among other demands, the Palestinian prisoners want satellite TV, a free college education, and whole chickens. No, Im not making this up.


  1. This was funny:

    Support the right of Palestinian convicts to whole chickens. Goats won't fit in their cells.

  2. We dont even have free college in California, and prisoners are demanding it from Israel. No, I dont understand the whole chicken request, either, thouigh it makes a more attractive presentation whole than boned. (Do prisoners care about presentation? Apparently they do.)