Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sarra Besbes Tunisian Fencer Guilty of Unsportsmanlike behavior?

Did Sarra Besbes, a high ranking Tunisian fencer deliberately throw a fencing match? At the World Fencing Championship in Catania, Besbes was scheduled to compete against Israeli Noam Mills.

Italian media reported that Besbes remained immobile during the match. She cried after her loss, which effects her world ranking. I can't help but wonder what happened before this match. Was Besbes threatened? Was her family threatened? What would cause someone to behave this way?

By losing, though this defeat forces her to face Li Na, a higher ranked competitor.

"I hope this is an isolated incident that isn’t repeated,” said Italian fencing federation president Giorgio Scarso, according to the ANSA news agency. “The fact that the Tunisians did it this time took us all by surprise, because until now that had never happened.”

The only answer is to bar players who discriminate in this manner. Choices should have consequences


  1. She was told not to fence Noam but did anyway (she was hysterical BEFORE the pool play started). Besbes only became passive when she was already down 0-3 with 30sec. left in the match. Other stories coming out of the Arab media a pure lies and propaganda......what else is new. BTW you should mention that in Israel Gay and Lesbians are out both in and out of the Army.

  2. As a South African citizen who enjoys dignity and personal freedom as the result of the activism of the brave men and women who came before me, I ask you to please consider this as a purely political act.

    You don't have to agree with Sara Besbes' cause to give her the space and respect for this type of action.

    She feels very strongly about Issue X.
    She is not a politican,
    she is not a journalist,
    she is not a musician.

    She is a fencer.

    Her only medium of communication is her sport.

    She sends a message about her beliefs on IssueX through this medium.
    The price is high.
    She knows it.
    She pays it.

    Do we need to agree with her to *understand* her?

    Or must we automatically hate her?

  3. Many believe she was threatened or coerced into this action. Thats part of the problem. If this were not the case, its a still very "unsportsmanlike" action to take.