Sunday, December 4, 2011

Syrian Blogger Razan Ghazzawi Arrested

The real "Gay Girl of Damascus" is missing.

From her blog:
"I was born in the US but never lived there. My parents went to KSA where we lived for 10 years in Jaddah. Then they went back to Syria and now we’re based in Damascus.

After I graduated from English literature department in Damascus University, I wanted to pursue my studies so I went to Lebanon and spent five years of my life there.

I enjoy photography, drawing cartoons, and writing Arabic articles which I do not do most of the time.

I am vegetarian, genderqueer and kind of pissed of at everything. But a person who cries genuinely while watching Daddy Long Legs cartoon".

Razan Ghazzawi "Redrazan", one of the few Syrian activists who blogs under her real name has been arrested at the Syrian-Jordanian border. She was on her way to attend a workshop for advocates of press freedoms in the Arab world.

Raza was the Media Officer at Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression A statement issued by the Center said Razan Ghazzawi was arrested by police and immigration officials at the border. The Local Coordination Committees activist network confirmed her arrest Sunday.

Ghazzawi is a human rights advocate and had been documenting violations and arrests in Syria since the start of the uprising against President Bashar Assad in March.

Accordering to her friends, her Facebook page has been taken down. Her last tweet was Dec. 2. Razan has been in hiding in Syria for the past few months.

Lets keep the pressure up until Razan is free.

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