Monday, November 28, 2011

The global march to Jerusalem: the latest provatilla

Its all about keeping up the pressure- of poking and prodding and teasing and tormenting, until there is an explosion. Then we get to cry victim hood.
The latest provocation is the Global march to Jerusalem, organized by the Iranian theocrats of the United Ummah. The basic theme of the march is that Israel is illegitimate, and has no right to defend herself or to protect her borders. The plan is to amass tens of thousands on the borders of Israel, no doubt with women and children front and center, (after all, women and children first is a sign of chivalry, is it not?) The goal is to ' peacefully" invade this sovereign nation. The underlying thought is particularly scary, and its something you'll never read about in the mainstream media. There is an Islamic End of days scenario. This act is intended to trigger the end times.

Here's the promotional brochure for the Global March. Full color and glossy, so you know they are serious. And well funded.

The part I find disturbing in their plan is the complete denial of any Jewish ties to this holy city. Denying history, denying archeology, denying ourselves.
Well, three American students inadvertently entered Iran. They were jailed for years. But that's different.
Scary times ahead for all who really value peace

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  1. These are scary people. Six of the twelve individuals listed as sponsoring/endorsing the initiative are either leaders in or closely tied to the Global Muslim Brotherhood:

    ■Zaher Birawi, leading Palestine activist, Britain (director of the Palestine Return Center in the U.K)
    ■Gretta Duisenberg, Chair Foundation “Stop the Occupation”, Board member Free Gaza Movement, Netherlands (widow of former European Bank president; works closely with Muslim Brotherhood leaders in the Netherlands)
    ■Dr. Hafiz al Karmi, Chairman Palestinian Forum in Britain (The PFB works closely with Muslim Brotherhood groups in the U.K.)
    ■Mohammad Kozber, British Muslim Initiative (The BMI is part of the U.K Muslim Brotherhood)
    ■Mikalis Lukianos, Ship to Gaza, Greece (The Gaza Flotilla movement is closely tied to the Global Muslim Brotherhood)
    ■Ismael Patel, Chairman Friends of Al Aqsa, Britain (FOA and Patel work closely with the U.K. Muslim Brotherhood)