Friday, January 21, 2011

Macy Gray will perform in Tel Aviv ! (Update)

Macy Gray is scheduled to appear in Tel Aviv on February 11th and 12th
It will be her fourth time in Israel.
Gray announced that she would honor her commitment to perform in Tel Aviv after taking a poll on her Facebook site. As of my last visit, there were over 7,000 responses on both sides of the issue. . Defending her decision, she had harsh criticism for the tone of some of the critics used to challenge the decision.

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  1. Darling. This is from the FB page of some anti-Israel activists. Do with it as you see fit:

    Tom Vee
    I think its time to "un-like" the Macy Gray, Official page before people start thinking I have crappy taste in music.

    Deppen Webber baaahahaaahaa! me too!

    Abdulrahim Harara wait......WHO?

    Tom Vee BDS stuff. SHe is planning 2 shows in Tel Aviv. Check out the page called Macy Gray, Official and see how many of your mutual friends like her. I had about 100.

    Abdulrahim Harara haha i know...who listens to her though shes old...i have 3

    Tom Vee I dunno. She's new to me. I don't listen to radio sh!t :P

    Kee Rahman In fairness, many people only "liked" her page so they could post a message to try to make her see sense. Turned out it was just a publicity stunt and she's going to Israel anyway. I "un-liked" her two days ago... She is one dumb misguided woman.

    Tom Vee True, she called what 'Israel' is doing to Palestinians "disgusting". Then she decides to go anyway...

    Kee Rahman And she also called all of the people asking her not to go to the apartheid state, "assholes". So really, she can go fuck herself.