Thursday, January 27, 2011

MK Hanin Zoabi in Berkeley

On November 2nd, the Middle East Children's Alliance, Jewish Voice for Peace , Code Pink , the Arab Resource Organizing Center and others hosted two Palestinian speakers at the First Congregational Church of Berkeley. Areej Ja'fari, a youth/women’s leader and activist from Dheisheh Refugee Camp and Hanin Zoabi,a Palestinian Member of the Knesset, and a participant on the Gaza Flotilla were the speakers.

One of the most interesting statements from Zoabi: “According to the National Democratic Assembly, my party, we are talking about two states - one Palestinian State in the West Bank with East Jerusalem as its capital and a state for all of its citizens in the borders of 1948.”

Yep. No Jewish state in her vision.

Areej Ja'fari and MK Hanin Zoabi answered questions from the audience following their talks. Not a single person mentioned honor killings. Plural marriages. Underaged marriages. Domestic violence. Or frankly, any of the real issues Palestinian women face.

Whats a feminist, a real feminist, to do?

I've got copious notes on the talk. I promise I'll write them up. Really, I will.

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