Monday, January 3, 2011

The mysterious death of Jawaher Abu Rahma

From the very beginning, the death of Bi'lin's Jawaher Abu Rahma by "Israeli tear gas" seemed unlikely, and the story was filled with internal contradictions. Her own cousin claimed on his facebook page that she was not at the protest . Hamde Abu wrote "Jawaher was not present at the demonstration. She was in her home, approximately 500 meters away from where the gas canisters landed, when she suffered the effects of gas that was carried over the village by wind". Others claimed she participated in the "peaceful" demonstration, no doubt engaging in the peaceful throwing of rocks and Molotov cocktails.

Yet there is no photographic or video evidence of the 35 year old's participation at the weekly Friday Bi'lin protest.

There was a great deal of secrecy- the family refused to cooperate with an investigation of the death. The circumstances were so mysterious, there was speculation that she had been subject to an honor killing by her family. So how did Jawaher Abu Rahma really die?

She was in a Ramallah hospital for 10 days prior to her death and apparently died of cancer completely unconnected to the protest.

Once again, the lie makes it half way around the world before the truth even puts on its pants. Don't wait for retractions from the mainstream media.


  1. * Abu Rahma arrived at the hospital at 15:20 on Friday - but her lab report is dated/timed 14:45, 35 minutes earlier!

    * There is no emergency room report for her arrival.

    * The reason for death given was "Inhaling gas from Israeli soldiers according to family."

    10 days prior to her death she was in that hospital, taking medication for leukemia. There is evidence that she was in the hospital in the weeks prior as well, which indicates that she had a chronic disease.

  2. Once again, independent bloggers take the lead on this story.
    (I know- some of them are Zionist sites, but still)check out: 01/03/palestinian-version-of-events-in-bilin-begin-to- unravel 01/senior-security-source-raises-questions. html conference-on-death-of-abu.html revealed/

  3. Medicine (Baltimore). 2000 Jul;79(4):234-40.

    Medical hazards of the tear gas CS. A case of persistent, multisystem, hypersensitivity reaction and review of the literature.
    Hill AR, Silverberg NB, Mayorga D, Baldwin HE.

    it says " Given the paucity of documented lasting effects despite its widespread use for more than 3 decades, CS appears to be safe when deployed (outdoors) in a controlled manner, but it can cause important injuries if misused or if applied to a sensitized individual."

    But the family denies she was a sensitized individual. I think you ae right about soemthing being very wrong with this story