Monday, May 2, 2011

The death of Osama Bin Laden: the feminist angle

White House senior officials were still sorting through the details today of the dramatic U.S. raid on bin Laden in Pakistan.

Counterterrorism chief John Brennan told reporters that while bin Laden had vowed to go down fighting, in his last moments alive the master terrorist hid behind a woman.

"From a visual perspective, here is bin Laden who has been calling for attacks, living in this million-dollar-plus compound, living in an area that's far removed from the front, hiding behind women who were put in front of him as a shield," he said.

"I think it really just speaks to just how false his narrative has been over the years, and so again looking at what bin Laden was doing, hiding there while he's putting other people out there to carry out attacks, again, just speaks to, I think, the nature of the individual he was."

The woman who bin Laden tried to use as a human shield was killed in the U.S. raid, Brennan said.

I guess chivalry really is dead.

Update 9:40
Oops. apparently mainstream media screwed up again. No dead wife. No human shield. My apologies.


  1. Incidently, Khalilah Sabra, (919) 345-8105 from MAS called him a "visonary"

  2. Fafa, I just saw this While it seems the woman wasn't killed, it does look as though she was protecting him, not him protecting her.

    I was touched by the detail about the SEAL grabbing the two little girls and getting them out of the way.