Thursday, November 10, 2011

Israel's representative to Miss Earth Competition: Arab model Huda Naccache

Huda Naccache, a Arab model from Haifa will be representing Israel in the Miss Earth competition in Thailand this December. Thats some apartheid state.

But its Huda's appeareance on the cover of Lilac magazine thats really turning heads right now. The cover shoot was the first time an Arabic magazine in Israel has put a model in a bikini on its cover, and the first time an Israeli Arab model has been featured on a front page in so little clothing.

"I have a family that supports me very much and had no objections whatsoever to me appearing on the cover in a bikini," she says, seated in front of a mirror in a white and red string two-piece, prepping for another shoot.

"My father was very pleased when he saw it for the first time," she adds. "He said it was very beautiful and wished me good luck."

Lilac's editor Yara Mashour defends both Naccache and the cover shot, saying her magazine has been pushing boundaries since it was established in 2000 in Nazareth, home to the biggest Arab-Israeli population in the Jewish state. "Huda, in my opinion, is probably the only Arab model in this country who is a true professional. She has world-class qualities,"

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