Monday, April 4, 2011

More Tales from Bi'lin

The press release follows
Israeli occupation forces stormed Bil'in

At 01 am 04.04.2011, the army and police entered Bil’in and entered the house of Ali Ibrahim Burnat. They searched his house thoroughly inside and outside for about 40 minutes. According to witnesses they were looking for internationals who they assumed were living in Burnat’s house. After finishing the raid they moved on to the “Friends of Freedom and Justice” office located nearby Burnat’s house, and were searching the area around. It is not known what they were looking for there. The army and police then retreated and exited through the gate in the Wall. Nobody was injured or arrested.

After half an hour the same forces entered the village again, and this time they went to Khamis Abu Rahma’s house. When the owner saw army and police outside his house he went to open the door to avoid having his door broken – which normally is the routine if the door is not open. Abu Rahma was then body searched and his ID was taken, then he was questioned about who was residing in his house. Again they were interested in internationals, although they could not find any. The army and police then searched the house and the garden, including the garbage and inside cars located nearby. The second raid lasted for about 30 minutes, and did also not result in any arrests.

Iyad Burnat
Bil'in Popular committee

Well, everyone knows the ISM volunteers always stay at the Hamde's home. Where were they? Who knows? Maybe destroying trees and blaming it on settlers.

Check out the video. Storming is defined as a violent, sudden attack on a fortified place. This looks like a walk through to me.

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