Monday, April 18, 2011

Queers Against Israel Apartheid withdraws from Toronto Pride parade

Yeah! The Canadian equivilent of "Turkeys for Thansgiving" , Queers Against Israeli Apartheid said it will not participate in the Toronto Pride Parade this year.

Toronto mayor Rob Ford said that the city should withhold the funds (the parade received received $123,807 from the city last year.) until after the parade to ensure that Queers Against Israeli Apartheid does not actually march. Ford has said he would withhold city funding from the parade if the group participates.

From the Star:
Queers Against Israeli Apartheid exists to push the provocative — and flatly wrong — idea that Israel’s policies toward Palestinians are equivalent to those of South Africa’s racist apartheid regime. By forcing itself into the parade it had become a divisive element in an event meant as an expression of gay solidarity. Many Jewish gays understandably felt offended rather than included.

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